Dr. Ying Zhang's Message to 2021 as a HBRC Management Mentor

As one of HarvardBusinessReview's China Management Mentors, Dr. Ying Zhang's message to 2021 HBR audience is as follows:

" Most people and media like to label 2020 as the most miserable year in human history, as of the economy breaking down, the vast number of ill and dying people in a single 2020 year, the contradiction between the democratic institution and capitalist system, with various dynamics described in fears, unknowns, darkness, and restriction. However, 2020, besides its negatives, is also a year full of inspiration to us. In 2021, let’s keep our faith in the united power for the continuing exploration, brightness, and freedom. Let’s try more innovation with a broader range of variety. Let’s take a full-wing of responsibility for sustainability and humanity.  2021, with our firm faith and joint effort, will be a remarkable year for the presence of goodness! "

Source: HRBC January 2021