"'Belt and Road' Land Corridor International Intermodal Research and Exchange Center" project is officially launched at Hong Guo Yuan Hotel on December 9th,2017. The project is led by Beijing Jiaotong University, and jointly declared by Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, International Union of Rail ways, China Railway International Co., Ltd. and China Railway First Survey & Design Institute Group CO.,LTD. Professor Nie Lei, from the School of Traffic and Transportation, is the head of the project.

RSM will participate in this center as a collaborator and will be in charge of the research communications on related projects, research methodologies and training. Based on the research tasks of this project, there will be at least two research output on academic journals and release a research report. The exchange communications and training will be held both in China and the Netherlands.

The expert group agreed that the project could be implemented by consulting a full panel of experts. They believed that the project has great strategic significance, complete implementation plan, scientific roadmap, reasonable task division and practical assessment index. At the same time, the expert group also put forward opinions and suggestions for the content that needs to be further clarified and strengthened in the later stage of the project implementation. The convening of this meeting marked the official launch of the project of "'Belt and Road' Land Corridor International Intermodal Research and Exchange Center".

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