Tai Chi and Wellbeing Program


Dear Tai Chi Participants,

Thank you very much for your interests in Tai Chi and planning to make effort on Tai Chi.

Till now, we have a relative big group of participants being registered, so we have to change our session from each Tuesday to Thursday (12:00 to 13:00) in order to have a bigger training room in Sports Center. (The first session will be on Feb. 15th).

There are a few things you might need to be aware.

1- Wear comfortable clothes (soft and easy for you to stretch) and shoes (soft textile). Usually Tai chi uniform is like this (see the photo attached) . But you don't need to really have such an uniform but better with soft cotton textile and feel comfortable.

2- For those who have hypotension (usually women have) or hypertension or diabetes, please fill your stomach at least 30 mins before the session.

3- Please bring yourself with the thermal/warm water to drink between and after our Tai Chi session. Thermal water is what we called Yin-Yang balanced water. Please don't drink cold/ice water immediately, between and after your session. For those who are addicted to Coffee, please wait for a few hours to enjoy your coffee (as coffee will dehydrate you and not good for your brain to calm down after the session).

I look forward to training Tai Chi with you all.

(we will just have check-in form on-site for you to check in for each session)

无量寿福 (Wish we all endless Longevity and Fortune)


Best regards,

Ying Zhang

Lesson 1

15/02 /18 @ ERASMUS Sports Center

History, theory, and Tai Chi start-up

    •       Tai Chi history and its function (main and side function)

    •       Yin-Yang, Taoism, principles and application in life and work

    •       Several important punctures on body and the diffusive impact to other parts of body

    •       Mind-body- intellect relationship from Eastern philosophy perspective

    •       The skills of breathing in this relationship and its significance to reach balance

    •       QiGong technique and function

    •       Universe-mimic QiGong

    •       Flexibility training & Twisting switching direction

    •       Wrapping up

    •       Preview - how to warm up by stretching before Tai-Chi session

See you today at 12:00 @ Erasmus Sports Center!

Following Lessons

Lesson 2 (22/02/18)Tai Chi- learning points

- Stretching and twisting

- Universe-Mimic QiGong

- Cat Walking

- Tai Chi moving (搂膝拗步Brush Knee and Push)

-  Yin-Yang hand-holding

Lesson 3 (Thursday, March 8, 2018)

Theme: coordination within body, coordination between body and breathing, coordination between being still and being moving, and being on transition.

    •       Stretching and strengthening (hip, leg, and arm) 

    •       Orbit Qi Gong (four sets)

    •       9 important acupuncture points on the body, functioned by Tai Chi, as our immune system’s bodyguard.

    •       Further exploration of Tai Chi moving (搂膝拗步Brush Knee and Push + cat walking+ transition)

    •       Brief interpretation on transition from  snake- palm-pushing to bear-palm-pushing, through your ear towards your chest. 


Lesson 4 (Thursday, March 15th. 2018)

Theme: Energy circulation

(the underlining refers to the new for today)

    •       Routinely stretching

    •       Dragon and Tiger mimic QiGong

    •       Tai Chi Cloud Hands (forward and backward)

                1      Practical defending/attacking function of Cloud Hands (forward and backward)

                2      Bai he liang chi (white crane spread the wings and get ready for flight)

                3      Clouds hand connecting with/ transition to (搂膝拗步Brush Knee and Push)

    •       Decomposition of Cat Walking into  reverted U-shaped energy circulation within the body (theoretical)

Keep practicing! Be whole and be balanced! 

    •       Further exploration of Tai Chi moving (搂膝拗步Brush Knee and Push + cat walking+ transition)

    •       Brief interpretation on transition from snake palm-pushing to bear-palm-pushing, through your ear towards your chest. 


Lesson 5. (Thursday, March 22. 2018)

Theme—The philosophy behind Tai Chi —Taoism Philosophy. This is the philosophy about relativism and paradox. Remember we have discussed about this relativity and paradox applications in the past training sessions on both tai chi and daily life?!  Through day-to-day theoretical reading and training, you will gradually discover it and unfold yourself. 

There are more literatures about Taoism. Maybe from the start-point, this can be something to read.


Lesson 6. (Thursday, April 12. 2018.)

Theme: QiGong

- First time following tai chi form 

- reviewing universe Qi gong

- Learning wuxing Qi Gong 

 - Learning zhitianhuadi QiGong  


Lesson 7. (Thursday, April 19. 2018) 

- Following Tai chi form one more time -along with Qigong. 

- Learning the first set of tai chi form 

- Getting known the techniques/tricks to do a split (spagaat in Dutch) 

- Improving session for zhitianhuadi qigong 


Lesson 8, (Thursday, April 26. 2018) 

- Revising each participant's tai chi movement 

- Reviewing and revising each Qigong 

- Adjusting the integration of each trainee's breathing and Qigong movement. 



Lesson 9 (Thursday, May 3, 2018)

Reviewing all Qigong performance 

Preview Tai chi forms

Representatives’ training performance of RSM Tai Chi and Wellbeing program (2018 cohort)


Lesson 10 (Thursday, May 17, 2018)

  • Review all we learned in the past: tai chi philosophy, Tai chi movement basics, Qigong (3 sets)
  • Prepare to summarise in the last session (session 11) next week Thursday on May 24, 2018.


Lesson 11, (Thursday, May 24, 2018 )

Summarise Tai chi  theory and daily training principles


Dear all, 

Firstly thanks to all of you for your interests and passion in  RSM Tai Chi and Wellbeing Program! It was a great experience spending 11 intensive classes with you! Thank you! 

Today was our last class. And I am really appreciate your passion and commitment in this program, and thanks to all of you to  lead me to explore and discover more magic force of Tai Chi, and learn so much from you! 

From next week, I will start my maternity leave, so unfortuntely I will not be able to present in your free training sessions in the following weeks. But the training room will still be available for those who want to keep up. Plesae feel free to be there (@Hall 1 at Erasmus Sports Center) and be committed to integrating our body and mind (the room is reserved till June 28th). 

Also, to help you recap what we have covered in the past three months, I made a brief summary (as shown in the photo ). Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

All in all,Thank you very much! and look forward to seeing you  keep positive and be whole there. 

Best regards! 

Ying Zhang