About the Healthcare Business Centre

Business of life sciences and healthcare

The Healthcare Business Centre is focused on the business side of the life sciences and healthcare industries. We conduct research and teach on how innovative life sciences technology, be it biotechnological, pharmaceutical, or medical device in nature, gets adopted, diffused and marketed in global healthcare markets. At the same time, we study how these markets themselves undergo transformations and what implications these transformations have for the commercial policies of life sciences and healthcare firms.

Main activities of the Healthcare Business Centre

The Healthcare Business Centre has three main activities:

  1. conducting fundamental and applied business economic research;
  2. delivering postgraduate master classes and in-company education to life sciences practitioners;
  3. active involvement in building an international academic and business community in the life sciences and healthcare.

International scientific networks

The Healthcare Business Centre is a partner of the Erasmus Center for Health Economics and Business (ECHEB). As such, we have privileged access to the most advanced medical and health economic knowledge on European and global healthcare markets. Moreover, we have working relationships with first-tier academic institutions like Duke and Wharton in the US or Cambridge in Europe. Thus, we are firmly embedded in some of the best international scientific networks at the crossroads of science, technology and marketing.