About Last-Mile Logistics

The research group on Last-Mile Logistics brings together academics of ERIM in this dynamic and challenging area of research. This website provides a platform to share the latest finding and developments in last mile logistics with both the scientific community and industry. Here we catalogue our research projects and ensuing scientific output.

We consider Last-Mile Logistics to include all logistic processes in the final and first link of the supply chain, e.g., (home) delivery of online purchases, delivery of goods to retailers, pickup of customer returns or solid waste-collection. We realize that the efficiency of the last mile is in large part determined by the preceding links of the supply chain. The organization of an effective and efficient last mile is especially challenging in congested urban areas with vehicle and time-access restrictions.

The aim is to develop decision support tools and generate managerial insight to achieve efficient and sustainable Last-Mile Logistics, both in economic and environmental sense. Our main area of expertise and research methodology falls in the domain of operations research. Furthermore, we combine expertise from other scientific disciplines as well, including: supply chain management, computer science and business analytics.