About Us

Our Mission

Being a force for positive change by understanding and cultivating the next generation of successful leaders through evidence-based practices.

Our Core Values

Our center works within the spirit of the broader values at RSM:

1) CRITICAL: We critically evaluate notions of ‘effective’ leadership and how this can be developed. As much as possible, we try to move away from ideology to what actually works – evidence-based.

2) CREATIVE: We show ourselves open to the most innovative, groundbreaking approaches to leadership and leadership development.

3) CARING: We build a caring community of leadership enthusiasts that cares about its members but also about the broader society.

4) COLLABORATIVE: The initiative is supported within the business school by relevant parties. 

Our Vision on Leadership Development

We commit to developing leaders that are a force for positive change for themselves, for others, for their organizations, and for society as a whole.

Core Principles Key Objectives

We Need it to Work:

Developing leadership is about enhancing soft skills grounded in hard evidence. We commit ourselves to using research-based evidence to support our teaching. As an academic institute, we make sure we give you tools that work.

A Knowledge Update:

In our programs we provide you with up-to-date knowledge on what drives effective leadership. This goes beyond simple do’s & don’ts to provide you with an understanding how something works and –even more important- when it does not.

We Take You Out-of-Comfort:

Developing leadership is not an easy task (as changing wired patterns is hard) and thus requires a range of methods. We use state-of-the-art, inter-disciplinary methods aimed at stretching participants beyond their current world and thinking.

A Mindset Update:

In our programs we strive to challenge you on how you are currently looking at the world – broadening your thinking, investigating your assumptions, and expanding your view on how the world works and your role in it.

We Make it Personal:

Everyone’s leadership approach is distinct and so is everyone’s development journey. We pride ourselves on personalizing each trajectory (as much as possible within a larger program) and emphasize enough time and attention for the whole person behind your leadership.

An Identity Update:

Participants who go through our program indicate that they receive more clarity on who they are and where they are headed. We understand that a clear identity is essential because leadership emanates from who one is as much as the knowledge and skills one brings to the table.

We Believe Everyone Can Lead:

In defining leadership as a force for positive change, we recognize that leadership is not just reserved for the happy few. All of us can be leaders in our own unique way, even without a formal position of authority. Understanding this requires both confidence & humility.

A Behavioral Update:

Ultimately, you develop key behaviors that are known to make a difference in terms of effective leadership. The program allows you to experiment with new behaviors using specific exercises so that the learned behavior becomes.