Example of the different routes in a warehouse

Before starting, read the instructions below.



  1. Wait until you get the message "All files loaded. You can start now." Click on OK.
  2. First of all, you have to create an order. By clicking on the button 'Locations' in the routing example or on one of the four orders in the batching example, the locations of the examples are showed. The location will turn black to indicate that the orderpicking route has to visit this location.
  3. Now you are ready to start your orderpicking route. Just click on one of the four buttons which present a routing strategy. It is also possible to make your own route. With the 'Self experiment'-button the previous route will be erased and you can start walking, after a click on the depot.
  4. To create your orderpicking route, move your mouse along the aisles. You will see the path emerge while moving. There is NO need for clicking with your mouse at this point.
  5. Your route should visit all locations that are black. When you arrive at a location it will turn yellow. Note that you have to enter an aisle before you can pick products from a location. You can not retrieve them from one of the cross aisles.
  6. If all products are retrieved from storage (all black squares have become yellow), return to the depot.
  7. Click on the depot. The route length will be displayed in one of the boxes at the left side.

Problem solving

  1. Sometimes, after clicking on the buttons for locations or a route, the locations or routes are already visible, but the hourglass is still on the screen. Then you have to wait until the arrow is back again, or you can click on 'stop loading' to continue.
  2. Sometimes there does not emerge a route if you move your mouse. Most likely this is because you tried to walk outside the warehouse or tried to walk through a rack. Just return to the point where things went wrong (this is typically the loose end of your route) and your route will resume automatically.
  3. If you move your mouse too fast, routes may not be created correctly. In this case, you can see that some of the path is missing. Just slow down and things will work fine.