Types of warehouses

With the use of this part of the website, it is possible to calculate how long it takes (and how long it could take) to pick a random order in your warehouse.

The first step in the orderpicking system design, is to choose between one of the three types of warehouses presented below. To select a type of warehouse, click on one of the links below, or click on one of the buttons at the left side.

  • Wide aisle pallet warehouse

    In a wide aisle pallet warehouse items are stored on pallets. This warehouse has relatively wide aisles (compared to the other types of warehouses) in which products are picked by using trucks. For more information on this warehouse, click here.
  • Narrow aisle pallet warehouse

    A narrow aisle pallet warehouse also stores the items on pallets, but the aisles are narrower (and usually higher) than in a wide aisle pallet warehouse. The items are picked with the use of orderpicking trucks or cranes. Click here for more information on this warehouse.
  • Shelf area warehouse

    In a shelf area warehouse the products are stored on shelves in small quantities. In some warehouses, trucks are used to collect the items, in others the picker just walks his way through the warehouse, while collecting the items. In both situations, the shelves usually do not exceed a height of 2.5 metres. For more information on a shelf area warehouse, click here.