NCA applications presented at EURAM 2019

At the EURAM 2019 conference in Lisbon several papers that apply NCA where presented during a special NCA symposium, and during the regular program. Sandra Schubring (University of Hamburg) applied NCA to a newly developed version of the Technology Acceptance Model, and compared the results of NCA with the results of PLS-Structural Equation Modeling. Justine Massu (Descartes University, Paris) identified the necessary dimensions of the organizational climate for creativity and innovation. Florence Allard-Poesi (University of Creteil, Paris) presented a qualitative method inspired by NCA for generalizing from extreme cases, and Nicole Richter (University of Southern Denmark) applied NCA in international business research. Maedeh Molaei (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, identified critical success factors of project management of engineering projects. If you wish to present your application of NCA at the next EURAM conference in Dublin, Ireland, please contact one of the NCA Ambassadors to discuss this opportunity.