PhD Position in Decision Neuroscience at Erasmus University Rotterdam

At the Erasmus Center for Neuroeconomics we seek outstanding applicants whose research interests lie at the intersection of psychology, economics, marketing and neuroscience and who are interested in studying the brain mechanisms that underlie judgement and decision-making. Particular interests of our group are the neural underpinnings of persuasive messaging, social influences on choice, the role of affect in decision-making and (dis)honesty. In particular, we focus on linking neural measures obtained from individuals to real market-level choice data. However, candidates have a large say in the precise focus of their project.

Experience with EEG and/or fMRI is required for this position. Applicants who would be interested in applying neural data analysis to study (real-world) choice behaviour are particularly encouraged to apply. 

Experience or interest in more advanced fMRI methods, such as multi-voxel pattern analysis (MVPA), representational similarity analysis (RSA), classification algorithms, prediction models, or multivariate approaches to EEG data analyses is a definite plus. However, candidates with a less technical focus and a more general interest in how neuroscience can inform decision-making are also encouraged to apply.

In addition to fMRI and EEG, we make use of eye-tracking, facial coding, and behavioural measures in our research. 

Interested candidates can apply through the ERIM website. Application deadline January 15, 2021. For more information about this position, please contact Ale Smidts (, Maarten Boksem (, or Alex Genevsky (