T.R. (Thomas) Visser

Erasmus School of Economics
Erasmus University Rotterdam
ERIM Doctoral Student
Field: Logistics & Information Systems
Affiliated since 2015

PhD Project

Designing sustainable last-mile delivery services in online retailing

The continuous growth of online sales together with the inefficiency of the last-mile of the e-commerce supply chain puts a lot of pressure on urban areas in terms of congestion, emissions and pollution. It is critical to increase the efficiency of the last-mile deliveries to enhance the financial and environmental performance of internet retailers. The primary goal of this project is to develop and evaluate decision support models and tools to facilitate the optimal design of different delivery service models in online retailing and to identify service models and corresponding operating strategies that provide the most benefits in terms of various sustainability criteria. To create more sustainable last-mile operations, the proposed research is organized around two PhD projects, one that particularly focusses at optimizing the delivery operations and one that focusses on the optimal design of the retail network. The research is part of larger collaboration between the Rotterdam School of Management, the Erasmus School of Economics and a consortium of companies in the area of online retailing.

E-commerce, distribution, transportation, vehicle routing
Time frame
2015 -


Visiting address

Office: Tinbergen Building H08-14
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
3062 PA Rotterdam

Postal address

Postbus 1738
3000 DR Rotterdam

Latest publication

T.R. Visser & R. Spliet (2017). Efficient Move Evaluations for Time-Dependent Vehicle Routing Problems. (Intern rapport, no EI2017-23). : Econometric Institute Research Papers

Supervisory team

Thomas Visser
Professor of Econometrics (Management Science)
Thomas Visser