Kamala Vuthilertdacha wins NEVI InkoopScriptieprijs 2009

For the second year in a row, a student from RSM has won the Nevi Inkoopscriptieprijs. This is an award for the best Master thesis in the area of Purchasing & Supply Management, written at a Dutch university. The winner of the Nevi Inkoopscriptieprijs 2009 is Kamala Vuthilertdacha, former student in the IM-CEMS program, with her thesis titled “Suppler Compliance with Supplier Codes of Conduct: The case of electronics and automotive component manufacturers in Thailand”.

The thesis is based on face-to-face interviews with suppliers in Thailand, and the aim was to identify the factors that enable and prevent suppliers’ compliance with supplier codes of conduct. The thesis analyzed these factors from the perspectives of agency theory and organizational justice theory.

The thesis was supervised by Dr. Erik M. van Raaij (coach) and Dr. Jeroen van Wijk (co-reader). A picture of the award ceremony is displayed. Prof. Finn Wynstra attended the ceremony in lieu of Erik van Raaij.

Last year’s winner of this award was Melek Akin, who is now pursuing a PhD at the Rotterdam School of Management.