Melek Akin Ates is awarded the Chris Voss Highly Commended Award

At the 19th EurOMA/4th P&OM World Conference in Amsterdam in July 2012, The Chris Voss Highly Commended Award was presented to Melek Akin Ates, Jan van den Ende, and Guido Iannelli for their paper titled "An exploratory An Exploratory Model for Coordination Approaches in Buyer-supplier-supplier Triads in NPD projects". The paper adopts triads as the unit of analysis and examines the inter-organizational interaction approaches among buying firm, design agencies, and component suppliers involved in a collaborative NPD project. Using the multiple case study method, the authors identify four types of approaches: Buyer as Mediator, Buyer-Designer Partnership, Designer as Integrator, and Team Design Approach. Two determinants of these approaches are discussed in the paper: degree of novelty of the NPD project (i.e. incremental vs. radical), and the design approach (i.e user-oriented vs. design-oriented).