13th Workshop Inkoop Onderzoek Nederland

On 19 and 20 January 2016, the 13th Workshop Inkoop Onderzoek Nederland (WION; Workshop Purchasing and Supply Management Research Netherlands) was organized by Finn Wynstra and the PSM@RSM team. Dutch researchers and educators came together in Lunteren to discuss trends in both research and education and to discuss their papers and on-going research. Daan Andriessen (from University of Applied Sciences Utrecht) gave a lecture on Practice-Oriented Research. Jeroen Wegkamp (CPO of NS – Dutch Railways) discussed purchasing in practice and how developments and needs of knowledge arise in his organization. Furthermore, three parallel masterclasses on research methodology were held. Chris Snijders (TU Eindhoven) discussed the hot topic of Big Data and what PSM researchers can do with it. Erik van Raaij (RSM) discussed (the problems with) Cross-Sectional Single Informant Self Administered Questionnaires (CSISAQ) and what we should do about it. Robert Suurmond (RSM) discussed how structured literature reviews, and in particular meta-analyses, can be used, and are used, to synthesize the literature. Overall, the workshop is a great way to meet the Dutch community of Purchasing and Supply Management researchers. This year, the workshop was generously sponsored by the Erasmus Research Insititute of Management (ERIM) and by the International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association (IPSERA).