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Best paper award

Regien Sumo, Wendy van der Valk, Arjan van Weele and Christoph Bode's paper 'Effects of Performance-Based Contracts on Innovation in Inter-Organizational Relationships' has been been awarded the best paper award by the 2014 Academy of Management meeting reviewers. The authors will accept their award during the Academy of Management meeting in August in Pennsylvania. 

Publication of book chapter 

Based on their research Regien Sumo, Geert Duysters, Wendy van der Valk and Arjan van Weel wrote a book chapter concerning 'Incomplete Contracting in Strategic Alliances: The Quest for Innovation'. The chapter will be published as part of the book 'STRATEGIC ALLIANCES FOR INNOVATION AND R&D', which is a volume in the book series Research in Strategic Alliances. 

This book series focuses on providing a robust and comprehensive forum for new scholarship in the field of strategic alliances. In particular, the books in the series cover new views of interdisciplinary theoretical frameworks and models, significant practical problems of alliance organisation and management, and emerging areas of inquiry. The series also includes comprehensive empirical studies of selected segments of business, economic, industrial, government, and non-profit activities with wide prevalence of strategic alliances. Through the ongoing release of focused topical titles, this book series seeks to disseminate theoretical insights and practical management information that should enable interested professionals to gain a rigorous and comprehensive understanding of the field of strategic alliances.

Strategic Alliances for Innovation and R&D contains contributions by leading scholars in the field of strategic alliance research. The 11 chapters in this volume cover a number of significant topics that encompass innovation and R&D through strategic alliances. The chapter topics cover both the broader issues, such as the governance of high-tech alliances, knowledge flows in innovation clusters, co-innovation, and incomplete contracting, and the more focused problems of inexperienced firms in R&D consortia, new product development, and managing alliance portfolio evolution in service innovation. The chapters include empirical as well as conceptual treatments of the selected topics, and collectively present a wide-ranging review of the noteworthy research perspectives on the role of strategic alliances in the pursuit of innovation and R&D.

NEVI annual seminar

On June 19th 2012 Wendy van der Valk and Hülya Türksever organised a workshop for Dutch practitioners regarding the use of performance based contracts and complex service delivery. 

Seminar on Contracts & Innovation

On the 19th of November we arranged a seminar for the members of the Dutch Association for Purchasing Management South (NEVI Kring Zuid). During the meeting we presented the findings of our research on the effects of contracts on innovation. In addition, we had interesting guest speakers who talked about their experiences of using performance based contracts.