Funds for conferences


KNAW conference grants

Aim: The Conference Grants Fund assists the organisers of international scientific/scholarly conferences in the Netherlands.
Target group: All Dutch universities and research institutes
Amount of funding: The grant is intended to cover no more than a third of the total conference budget, with a ceiling of € 8,500. The conference budget may not exceed € 170,000
More information: KNAW homepage for the Conference Grants Fund

KNAW Academy Colloquia

Aim: To bring together a select international group of researchers to discuss a topical theme
Target group: Universities and research groups: all types of disciplines
Amount of funding: The Academy contributes a maximum of € 6,500 per day and makes a further € 3,500 available to organise a master class immediately following the colloquium for a minimum of fifteen Dutch doctoral candidates. In addition, the Academy assists the colloquium organisers with organisational and administrative matters at no charge.
More information KNAW homepage for academy colloquia