Research Data Management

Responsible data management practice has become a very important research skill. ERIM has developed Principles for Responsible Data Management (RDM) and has extended the professional support for research data management. A dedicated Data Steward is hired to provide advice and support to ERIM researchers on all aspects of RDM, throughout the research data life cycle, in accordance with international RDM standards and FAIR principles. Moreover, the General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) has come into place across the European Union. RSM and ESE have appointed a privacy officer, who help ERIM researchers with privacy assessment and advises them on GDPR-compliant practices. ERIM has also expanded its research infrastructure such that data, software codes, research material and corresponding metadata can be shared safely and stored securely. At the university level, standard procedures have been introduced to facilitate (long-term) storage of research results and safe access to them on campus and remotely, thus facilitating collaboration in international consortia. These dedicated ERIM webpages devoted to RDM (and research integrity and professionalism in general) provide researchers with to-the-point information, guidelines and links to the relevant tools.