Policies & Framework

Given the increased importance of research data management and the research data life cycle, ERIM has updated the recommendations for storing research data (2012), incorporating university-wide developments at the same time. The ERIM principles for responsible research data management (2018) (pdf) specify clear researcher ownership and outline the fundamentals for storing, managing, sharing and archiving research data. The principles, as well as the actions to act in accordance, focus on high quality standards for publishing and, increasingly so, also for granting. It follows the VSNU principles of good academic teaching and research as indicated in the Netherlands Code of Conduct (pdf), to which all researchers at EUR adhere.

In addition, a checklist (pdf) is available for ERIM researchers outlining the requirements in terms of research data management from two of the main funding bodies (NWO, EU/H2020), including ethics review, as well as a workflow to assess privacy issues in research.