Data Management

Tools & Services

There are various tools and services available to help you follow good practice in RDM. Many of them offer free users accounts for your personal use. However, in most cases, they are not compliant with national and institutional policies, especially when it comes to the privacy of data. An institutional license can also offer more features and a higher level of customization in comparison with the free version. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to give priority to solutions that are provided by EUR or your faculty. Avoid free versions as much as possible.

EUR and faculties do offer a set of services that are at your disposal for data storage, transfer of data, and data repository. Click on buttons below to learn more.

Are you unsure if you can your personal account for a particular service? Are you looking for an alternative for a specific service? Do you lack important RDM tool in EUR portfolio? Contact ERIM Data Steward. 

Other Options

DANS Easy (external link) is available for EUR researchers to deposit their data there. Please note, that as a EUR researcher, you can use DANS Easy with no extra cost.  However, there are no support processes in place that will help you in order to do so. RePub (EUR repository, EUR link) can store small to medium datasets, based on request only.

Prior to using these options please do consult with ERIM Data Steward.