Data Transfer


For sharing files EUR provides SURFfilesender (external link). You can access service using ERNA account. Upon the first visit, you need to activate your account.

With SURFfilesender, you can send large files, such as research data. SURFfilesender is also suitable for smaller files, such as reports. The files are transferred via Dutch servers. End-to-end encryption provides additional security (files up to 2 GB can be sent using encryption). You can send files up to 500 GB. A voucher can be created that allows someone to send you a file.

Other Data Transfer Options

SurfDrive and Dropbox for Education also enable transferring the files via a shareable link. In case of extra protection, you can add a password and/or limit validity of link.

Note on using a personal account for various transfer services

Please be aware that by using services that university/faculty is providing, you are eliminating some of the privacy risks connected to individual private use of free tools. Always consult with Data Steward when uncertain.