ERIM Data Repository

ERIM data repository is a repository for research data available for all ERIM members. It is based on the software solution provided by Figshare and customized to reflect the needs of ERIM and its members. It enables you to store, share and discover great research. 

NEVER use general web address to access your account.

Deposit, publish and discover research

Basic metadata (based on Dublin Core) is added to your data during the process of upload. As research is in many cases based on cooperation, there is a possibility to create common projects with colleagues from your institution or invite others from other universities. More on accounts and invitations can be found here. To showcase what you or your team have done over a period of time or around a particular topic you can create a collection

Every published item can have DOI (Digital Object Identifier) assigned. Versioning of data is enabled. You can choose from various types of licensing options and put an access embargo on items. Your data are presented in a standardized way and they are citable. 

As your data is discoverable and citable, you are also discovered and cited. The data repository is enabling you as a researcher to showcase your research outcomes in an effective way and enable you to increase the impact that your discoveries can make.