ERIM -> EUR Data Repository

With the successful implementation of Figshare at ERIM, the EUR has decided to expand the availability of Figshare to all her researchers. This means that the service provision will shift from ERIM to the University Library. From June 2nd onwards the changes will take effect. For you as a user this means that from this day, you will notice a few minor changes. Be assured, you will find your account and content [i.e. your data] exactly how you left it.

A new name
To avoid confusion with other Figshare repositories worldwide, the EUR has chosen to adopt the name EUR Data Repository. This new name will be used when others cite your data. Also, the information on this page and that of the University Library have been changed accordingly.  

A new url
An upgraded platform with a brand new name requires a new url: you can find the EUR Data Repository at; a redirect is currently active on the previous url.

A new way to login
As a result of this wider roll-out, the login process will change. You will now be able to login with your ERNA instead of your specific Figshare username and password. As soon as you are on the EUR Data Repository homepage, click the ‘login’ button in the top right, select EUR from the list of research institutions and enter your ERNA. 

A new service
To provide support in using the EUR Data Repository the University Library has appointed a dedicated data curator. This data curator will help with enquiries and review items before they are published. You can contact the data curator via email.