Access and Help

Always use above link. NEVER use the general web address to access your account. 

How to get an account?

In order to have access to the ERIM data repository, you need to have an account. NEVER create an account on Every ERIM member can get his/her institutional account. There are more ways how you can get one:

  • for all ERIM members (status 03/2019) an account is automatically created for you and detailed instructions are sent to you via e-mail. In case of any further questions send an e-mail to .
  • for all other RSM and ESE researchers please contact ERIM at .

How to get other researchers on board?

Research is a collaborative work. You can easily collaborate with your colleagues all around the globe using Figshare. There are three possibilities how to do that:

  • An institution where your collaborator works use also Figshare. Simply add him/her to your project.
  • Your collaborator has an account on Simply add him/her to your project.
  • Your collaborator hasn't got an account on Inviting a user to a project who doesn't have an  account already will prompt them to first create an account and will then automatically add them to a project

Do you need more help?

The community around Figshare is big and constantly growing. Therefore a lot of material is available for you to help or to get inspired. There are various manuals and webpages available at your disposal. As a starting point, we advise you to browse user's manual and search for your answers at Figshare Knowledge portal. For FAQ connected to ERIM members, you can click here

You are always welcome to contact ERIM .