Synthetic Data Pilot

Do you use proprietary and/or personal data in your research and therefore cannot share it? We may be able to help you with this by creating a synthetic dataset.

Synthetic datasets mimic real datasets by preserving their statistical properties and the relationships between variables. It is important to note that this method also reduces disclosure risk to zero, as no record in the synthetic dataset represents a real individual. By sharing synthetic datasets that mimic original datasets that could not otherwise be made open, researchers can ensure the reproducibility of their results and facilitate data exploration while maintaining participant privacy.

To test the platform, we will run a pilot for 4 months from June till September 2023 (according to our current plan). During this period, we encourage all EUR researchers to use the platform as much as possible.

To use the platform, please register below, so that we can make an environment for you and give you access to it. Only you can access the environment, and no one will be able to access your data.

We are also looking for researchers interested in comparing this platform with other open-source solutions, so if you have experience using other tools, please let us know. We would really appreciate your contribution to this pilot!

Demo on Synthetic Dataset Creation

Take a deep dive by watching this video:

More details about the Syntho Platform can be found on the Syntho website here and the SAS Analytics blog here.