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Thu. 13 Jan. 2022 PhD Defence
Agency Problems in the Mutual Fund Industry
Gelly Fu (Optiver)
Fri. 25 Feb. 2022 PhD Defence
The Timing and Pricing of Initial Public Offerings: Evidence from the Low Countries
Wilco Legierse (Siemens Mobility B.V.)
Thu. 10 Mar. 2022 Research Seminar
Accounting seminar by Ivo Tafkov
Ivo Tafkov (Georgia State University)
Fri. 18 Mar. 2022 Research Workshop
Erasmus Accounting Workshop 2022
Christina Zhu (University of Pennsylvania)
Christoph Feichter
Suhas Suhas Sridharan (Emory University)
Aneesh Raghunandan (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Thu. 31 Mar. 2022 Research Seminar
Accounting Measurement Rules when Firms and Investors have Bounded Rationality
Phillip Stocken (Dartmouth College)
Fri. 1 Apr. 2022 Inaugural Address
The Value of Financial Innovations
Tue. 5 Apr. 2022 Research Seminar
Carbon Emissions and the Bank-Lending Channel
Jose-Luis Peydro (Imperial College London)
Thu. 7 Apr. 2022 Research Seminar
Uneven Regulation and Economic Reallocation: Evidence from Transparency Regulation
Matthias Breuer (Columbia University)
Tue. 12 Apr. 2022 Research Seminar
How Costly Are Cultural Biases?
Francesco D'Acunto (Boston College)