Take your responsibility and let you inform about EU grants!



ERIM Grant Workshop Take your responsibility and let you inform about EU grants!

Tuesday February 19th 2008, 15.00-17.00 pm, T3-39

ERIM aims to increase the level of grants acquired from the EU and other organisations. Concerning the EU funding programmes for research the 7th Research Framework Programme or FP7 (running from 2007 to 2013) is the most important one, with a total budget of € 51 billion. Within FP7 the funding for collaborative projects, executed in consortia with participants from at least 3 EU-member states, is the most significant. Under the heading COOPERATION over € 30 billion is available for this type of joint research.

During FP7’s first year several ERIM researchers coordinated or participated in consortia that submitted proposal for this programme. These proposals include INTEGRITY (about transparency in supply chains; successfully evaluated in November 2007) and EU3C (about the various types of influence from China on the European economy and vice versa; to be evaluated in February 2008). Besides the financial benefits these international COOPERATION project can bring, they also represent an excellent vehicle to increase the strategic impact of ERIM research inside and outside the academic community.

This session is meant to inform you, as responsible (associate) professor, about the structure and opportunities of the COOPERATION programme within FP7. It will present the thematic structure of the programme, address the basic requirements of a proposal and the submission and evaluation process, and provide guidance to increase the likelihood of a successful evaluation and subsequent execution of projects. It will be an interactive session with much room for questions from the audience.

The presenter, Roel van den Berg (Director of Strategic Projects & Alliances within the ERIM office) has been involved as a researcher and project manager in this type of EU-projects since 1997 (FP4), including large projects that involved partners from across the globe. Since 1999 he also regularly acted as an evaluator for the EU and since then he has evaluated 300+ proposal of this type. In the domains of ICT and Security he has participated in sounding boards that advise on the content of future calls for proposals and has been the editor of policy reports that support this process.

Information link: http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/home_en.html