ERIM Research Clinic: Frontiers of Research in Strategy



The research clinic will address four topics. First, a brief introduction will be provided of main theoretical constructs and theories used and of some main research challenges in the Strategy field. Second, a recent paper, a really longitudinal study of Royal Dutch Shell Plc (1907 – 2004) applying both qualitative and quantitative methods, will be discussed. Third, we will introduce the Management Innovation construct and will discuss the challenges of being the first in the field to measure this construct at firm level. In this connection, the paper of Vaccaro et al. (2011) will be provided for required reading. Fourth, in the wrap-up we will reflect on the challenges of Research in Management.

Required reading: Vaccaro, I., Bosch, F.A.J. Van Den & Volberda, H.W. (2010), “Management Innovation and Leadership: The Moderating Role of Organizational Size” Journal of Management Studies, forthcoming.

For your information: Kwee, Z., Bosch, F.A.J. Van Den & Volberda, H.W. (2010), “The Influence of Top Management Team’s Corporate Governance Orientation on Strategic Renewal Trajectories, A Longitudinal Analysis of Royal Dutch Shell plc, 1907 - 2004” Journal of Management Studies, forthcoming.


Contact information:
Miho Iizuka