Fifth Financial History Workshop





Coffee and Welcome


Session 1

Carola Frydman (MIT): “Predators or Watchdogs? Bankers on Corporate Boards in the Age of Finance Capitalism” (with Eric Hilt)
Kim Oosterlinck (ULB): “Was the Emergence of the Gold Standard Expected? Melodramatic Evidence from Indian Government Securities” (with Marc Flandreau)
11.30-11.45 Coffee break
11.45-12.30 Session 2
David Chambers (Cambridge University) : “Keynes the Stock Market Investor” (with Elroy Dimson)
12.30-15.00 Lunch with speech
Randall Morck (University of Alberta): “Economics, History, and Causation”
15.00-16.30 Session 3
Marc Deloof (University of Antwerp): "Long Run Stock Returns: Evidence from Belgium 1838-2008" (with Jan Annaert and Frans Buelens)
Fabio Braggion (Tilburg University): “From Competition to Cartel: Bank Mergers in the U.K. 1885 to 1925” (with Narly Dwarkasing and Lyndon Moore)
16.30-16.45 Coffee break
16.45-17.30 Session 4
Stephanie Collet (ULB/LSE): “A Window Dressing Story: Sovereign Bonds during the Netherlands-Belgium Break-up”
17.30 End and Drinks
Information and registration:
Abe de Jong