Climate Futures



The effects of human activities on climate, a controversial and complex issue? Or is it just like the health effects of smoking, where it took some 40 years before scientific evidence and policy measures were broadly accepted?

Pier Vellinga has been active in the field of climate science and policy over the last 30 years. He will discuss the evolution of the issue, both in the domain of science as in the domain of international policy. In this seminar he will evaluate the present situation and explore the future of climate and climate politics.

The topics covered are: CO-2 and CH-4 (methane) emission reduction in the field of energy, transport and food; adaptation to rising sea levels and higher temperatures; the role of government, private sector, citizens and consumers. The central question is: is climate change serious enough for the entire world to radically change the way energy transport and food is organised, and if so, what are the critical issues?

Pier Vellinga recently published a book on these issues. It is now available as an e-book in English. When you google: “Pier Vellinga, On Climate Change, Lulu”, you can download it for free.

This research seminar is organised by the Centre for Corporate Eco-Transformation at Erasmus University.