Dutch Workshop on Corporate Taxation


We are pleased to announce the fourth edition of the Dutch Workshop on Corporate Taxation, to be held on Monday, 21 October 2024 (CET).  

Taxation of corporations and individuals is of significant interest for politics, firms, general public, and academia. Especially for large corporations, we see changes aiming at increased transparency and guaranteeing minimum taxation (e.g., public country by country reporting and the two pillar approach by the OECD).

For taxation of partnerships and individuals, we see governments around the world reducing the tax burden for small and medium incomes to alleviate the consequences of high energy prices and inflation.

Bringing researchers together

This workshop aims to bring together researchers from the Netherlands and neighboring countries whose work touches upon corporate and business taxation. The workshop will be a full-day in-person event with six 45-minute presentations (10:00 – 17:15), including a joint dinner (18:00 – 20:00). The event is by invitation only, first come-first serve.



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Photographs will be made during the Dutch Workshop on Corporate Taxation. It is possible that you are recognisable in the images. Participants agree that pictures of the participants may be taken during the workshop, which can be used for promoting the event (e.g., on the website, and social media).