The Netherlands climbs to 7th place in WEF Financial Development Report ranking

Since 2008, the World Economic Forum (WEF) publishes the annual “Financial Development Report.” The Erasmus Strategic Renewal Centre is a partner institute to the WEF and collected the data for the Netherlands.

After having risen from 9th to 8th place on the Financial Development Index (FDI) last year, The Netherlands has again climbed one place to reach the No. 7 spot. Admittedly, the Netherlands total score in the area of financial development is once again lower than in the previous year. But that applies to many other countries, too. So the Netherlands’ top ranking indicates that its financial system has not suffered as badly this year as that of many others.

In short:

  • The Netherlands has climbed from 8th to 7th place, largely because other countries’ financial systems have been faring worse by a considerable margin.    
  • The United States and the United Kingdom are continuing to lead the pack, but have no reason for complacency: very low scores for financial stability and weaknesses in their tax regimes; plus not-very-efficient banks.
  • Developing countries remain financially stable, but are relying disproportionally on the worldwide economic recovery, which could undermine the stability of these fairly weak economies.