ICMC 2022 in Reykjavik

ECMC member Nicholas Smeele attended and presented his work at the 7th International Choice Modelling Conference (ICMC 2022) in Reykjavik, Iceland. Nicholas gave a podium presentation about his working paper “Data-driven choice models for moral choice analysis: helpful or harmful?”. In this review study, Nicholas explored the potential of integrating machine/statistical learning (or so-called data-driven) methods into traditional (or so-called theory-driven) discrete choice models for moral choice analysis in (public) healthcare (and beyond). He also put forward a research agenda to make the integration of theory- and data-driven models (more) helpful for obtaining insights into moral choice behaviours in healthcare (and beyond).

Besides Nicholas’ podium presentation, among many others, two keynote presentations were given during the conference. On day one, Prof. Vic Adamowicz gave a keynote entitled “Environmental Valuation, Stated Preference, and the ‘Credibility Revolution’”. Moreover, on day three to close the conference, Prof. Emily Lancsar gave a keynote entitled “Valuing Health”. Click here if you would like to see the program to screen the topics presented during the conference.