Consistently ranked as one of the top management research centres in Europe, the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) has been cultivating an environment for the development of internationally recognised management knowledge with academic and societal impact since 1998.

ERIM researchers, a community of almost 350 management scientists, are focused on the real needs of business and management, and dedicated to producing relevant and excellent research that adds innovative dimensions to management knowledge. ERIM combines publishing in leading academic journals with effective dissemination through research projects and advanced doctoral programmes in business and management for aspiring researchers. Where possible, research is created in conjunction with business.

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Tue. 23 Apr. 2024 Research Seminar
Relatedness, Organization Structure, and Market Entry: Evidence From a Demand Shock
Vikas A. Aggarwal (INSEAD)
Tue. 23 Apr. 2024 Research Seminar
The Real Costs of Washing Away Corruption: Evidence from Brazil’s Lava Jato Investigation
Lars Norden (Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration)
Thu. 25 Apr. 2024 Research Seminar
Breakthrough Innovation and the Asymptotic Rationality of Artificial Intelligence
Oliver Alexy (Technische Universität München)
Mon. 13 May. 2024 Research Seminar
Decision-Induced Preference Modulation: An Inference Account and the Differential Impact of Choose versus Reject Framing
Adelle Xue Yang (National University of Singapore)