Consistently ranked as one of the top management research centres in Europe, the Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) has been cultivating an environment for the development of internationally recognised management knowledge with academic and societal impact since 1998.

ERIM researchers, a community of almost 350 management scientists, are focused on the real needs of business and management, and dedicated to producing relevant and excellent research that adds innovative dimensions to management knowledge. ERIM combines publishing in leading academic journals with effective dissemination through research projects and advanced doctoral programmes in business and management for aspiring researchers. Where possible, research is created in conjunction with business.

For information about the Erasmus PhD Programmes in Business and Management, please contact:

The Full-Time PhD Office here.
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Mon. 17 Jun. 2024 Research Seminar
The Contagiousness Bias (with Julia Y. J. Jeong)
Rima Toure-Tillery (Northwestern University)
Tue. 18 Jun. 2024 Research Seminar
Navigating Interpersonal Tensions: Enhancing Team Performance with the Paradox Mindset
Ella Miron-Spektor (INSEAD)
Fri. 21 Jun. 2024 Research Seminar
Predictive aircraft maintenance: From predicting the failure time to optimizing the maintenance schedule
Ingeborg de Pater (Technische Universiteit Delft)
Tue. 17 Sep. 2024 Conference
True persuasion (influencing without formal power)
Michael Oskam (Oskam Organisatieadvies)
Arne Postma (Oskam Organisatieadvies)
Wed. 18 Sep. 2024 Conference
How to deal with procrastination - for PhD's
Susanna Gerritse