Events Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance

Tue. 11 Oct. 2022 Research Seminar
The Gender Gap in Directors’ Career Paths after Financial Restatements
Jordan Schoenfeld (University of Utah)
Thu. 6 Oct. 2022 Research Seminar
Information, Incentives, and CEO Replacement
Xiaojing Meng (New York University)
Tue. 4 Oct. 2022 Research Seminar
ESG News, Future Cash Flows, and Firm Value
Philipp Krüger (University of Geneva)
Thu. 29 Sep. 2022 Research Seminar
Do Public Disclosures of Physician Performance Improve Patient Care? The Role of Behavioral Factors
Jacob Zureich (Tilburg University)
Tue. 20 Sep. 2022 Research Seminar
Central Bank Digital Currency and Financial Fragility
Toni Ahnert (European Central Bank)
Thu. 8 Sep. 2022 Research Seminar
Auditor Industry Range and Professional Skepticism
Simon Dekeyser (Catholic University Leuven)
Thu. 16 Jun. 2022 Research Seminar
Reducing Strategic Uncertainty in Teams by Combining Team and Individual Relative Performance Evaluations
Jeremy Douthit (University of Arizona)
Tue. 14 Jun. 2022 Research Seminar
Measuring the Welfare Cost of Asymmetric Information in Consumer Credit Markets
Anthony DeFusco (Northwestern University)