Upcoming Research Events

Thu. 22 Feb. 2018
Post-Acquisition Mobility: The Role of Expertise Similarity and Network Ties
Tobias Kretschmer (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich )
Fri. 9 Mar. 2018
The Inventory Routing Problem with Demand Moves
Annelieke Baller (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Mon. 26 Mar. 2018
Picker routing in the e-commerce era: New problems and algorithms
Nils Boysen (University of Jena)

Past Research Events

Fri. 9 Feb. 2018
An exact method for short-term maintenance planning at offshore windfarms
Albert Schrotenboer (University of Groningen)
Tue. 6 Feb. 2018
Perceptions and Knowledge Sharing Barriers in Agile Development
Shahla Ghobadi (University of Manchester)
Mon. 5 Feb. 2018
Demand and Consumer Surplus in the On-demand Economy: the Case of Ride Sharing
Meng Liu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Fri. 2 Feb. 2018
Irrelevant Advertising: How More Consumer Tracking can Make Ads Less Effective
Arslan Aziz (Carnegie Mellon University)
Mon. 29 Jan. 2018
Leveraging human learning to develop organizational capacity
Michael Hewitt (Loyola University Chicago)
Tue. 12 Dec. 2017
Ideation-Execution Transition in Product Development
Evgeny Kagan (University of Michigan)
Mon. 11 Dec. 2017
Judgment Error in Lottery Play: When the Hot-Hand Meets the Gambler's Fallacy
Georg Granic (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Thu. 7 Dec. 2017
Strategic Open Routing in Service Networks
Andrew Frazelle (Duke University)
Thu. 23 Nov. 2017
Operational Innovations in Emerging Economies to Advance Sustainable Sourcing
Joann de Zegher (Stanford University)
Fri. 17 Nov. 2017
Optimizing Donor Milk Bank Operations
Lisa Maillart (University of Pittsburgh)
Thu. 16 Nov. 2017
Data-Driven Research in Revenue Management
David Simchi-Levi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Tue. 14 Nov. 2017
Advertising Spending and Media Bias: Evidence from News Coverage of Car Safety Recalls
Ananya Sen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Wed. 18 Oct. 2017
Designing Incentives in Startup Teams: Form and Timing of Equity Contracting
Stephen Leider (University of Michigan)
Tue. 17 Oct. 2017
Minimising the walking distance of pickers on a unidirectional picking line
Stephan Visagie (Stellenbosch University)
Mon. 16 Oct. 2017
Rational Inattention to Discrete Choice and Implications on Firm Decisions
Tamer Boyaci (European School of Management and Technology)
Fri. 22 Sep. 2017
Fast and useful - Efficient routing and its application in practice
Florian Arnold (University of Antwerp)
Fri. 15 Sep. 2017
Mathematical Optimization in Vaccine Allocation
Evelot Duijzer (Erasmus University Rotterdam)