The mission of the Erasmus Centre for Business Intelligence is to define, apply, and evaluate the concepts and methods needed for developing systems that support decision making in a business intelligence setting.

Scope and Goals

As ICT technologies mature, they enable organizations to monitor their activities and performance at an unprecedented detail, generating large amounts of data and information. Within the knowledge economy, organizations are hard pressed to keep an overview on this data and to integrate different pieces of information into useful knowledge that the organization can act upon. A quick and timely analysis of information assets combined with advanced inference and modelling techniques can provide an organization with crucial information and knowledge that can be used to improve its decision-making and operations. Intelligent systems for decision support play an important role here, since they provide the flexibility and the power that are required to process information of different type, origin and granularity to generate valuable knowledge that an organization can act upon. This research focuses on the use of computational approaches for decision making in economics and management science. It has both a methodological and an application-oriented component.