Best Paper Award Nomination for Learning Agents Research Group

At the 11th International Conference of Electronic Commerce (ICEC) in Taipei, Taiwan this August, Alexander Hogenboom,<link people wolfgang-ketter _blank> Wolf Ketter, Jan van Dalen, Uzay Kaymak, John Collins, and Alok Gupta received a Best Paper Award Nomination for their paper “Product Pricing using Adaptive Real-Time Probability of Acceptance Estimations based on Economic Regimes”.

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The International Conference on Electronic commerce (ICEC) provides a forum for the top of the scientific research community in e-commerce from all over the world annually.

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The<link erim research centres _blank> Learning Agents Research Group at Erasmus is an interdisciplinary research group, located at the Rotterdam School of Management, spanning the fields of artificial intelligence, behavioural science, computer science, economics, information systems, operations research, and software engineering. The primary objective of the group is to research, develop, and apply autonomous intelligent agents to support human decision making capabilities in the area of business networks, electronic markets, and supply-chain management.

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