ECBI Researchers Score in Annual ESB Economists Top 745

Two ECBI researchers, Prof. dr. ir. Rommert Dekker and Prof. dr. ir. Uzay Kaymak have been ranked amongst the top 100 Dutch economists according to the ESB Economists Top 745. The ESB scales authors based on their H-index. <link portal page _blank title="Prof." dr.>Prof. dr. ir. Rommert Dekker was ranked 11th with a remarkably high H-index of 19, and <link portal page _blank title="Prof." dr.>Prof. dr. ir. Uzay Kaymak placed 73rd with an H-index of 10. The H-index, which is also referred to as Hirsch-index, combines productivity and citation information, hereby measuring both quantity and relevance (impact) of scientific publications. The H-index is centrally computed by the Web of Science (Thomson Reuters).

Click here to view the ESB Economists Top 745 (PDF).