Perspectives of Business Intelligence for Healthcare

Monday, February 15, Prof. dr. ir. Uzay Kaymak, Professor in Intelligence and Computations in Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, gave an invited talk at the MHPW 2010: Making Healthcare Processes Work workshop at the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands. His talk, entitled "Perspectives of Business Intelligence for Healthcare", addresses some perspectives for business intelligence solutions for healthcare providers.


Prof. dr. ir. Uzay Kaymak

Healthcare institutions are typically characterized by three process streams, consisting of clinical processes, operational processes and administrative processes. Traditionally, these three streams have been organized rather separately from one another. This traditional view is under increasing pressure in recent years due to the need to keep healthcare services sustainable, while not comprising the quality or the accessibility of the processes. Healthcare information systems are central in integrating the three process systems. A side effect of his integration is that much more detailed information regarding the care processes are available digitally. By actively using this information across the three process streams, healthcare processes can be streamlined further to deliver optimal care.

Slides are available here (PDF).