Economics & Informatics Students Dominate Imagine Cup 2010

This year's Dutch Imagine Cup (website: finale has been dominated by Economics & Informatics students. Three teams managed to obtain first, second, and third place in the competition in Jimmy Woo Amsterdam. The first place winner, team wEarth-IT, is invited to compete in Poland for the international Imagine Cup 2010 title, and therewith follows in the footsteps of first-year Economics & Informatics students team FreshGen, which won the Dutch Imagine Cup 2009 with their Drug Donation Network.


Team wEarth-IT

The Imagine Cup 2010 stimulates students to imagine a better world in which people are empowered by technology, keeping in mind the eight United Nations millennium development goals that encompass concepts such as hunger, education, gender equality, etc. Team wEarth-IT, formed by second-year students Daniƫlla Bal, Malissa Bal, and Jasper Baljeu, envisions a green product label with which they try to make a difference with respect to the environment. Their label serves as an aid for consumers buying green products. Also, it is expected to stimulate the production process of manufacturers.

For more information on team wEarth-IT and their way to the finals in Warsaw, Poland (from July 3-8, 2010), please go to