Decision Support Systems Paper Published on Faceted Product Search Powered by the Semantic Web

DSSThis month, ECBI members Damir Vandic and dr. Flavius Frasincar published a paper on faceted product search powered by the Semantic Web in the Decision Support Systems journal. The paper appears in volume 53, issue 3 (pages 425 - 437) of the prestigious journal, which is ranked P in the ERIM Journals List.

Their paper presents a platform for multifaceted product search using Semantic Web technology. Online shops can use a ping service to submit their RDFa annotated Web pages for processing. The platform is able to process these RDFa annotated (X)HTML pages and aggregate product information coming from different Web stores. Vandic and Frasincar propose solutions for the identification of products and the mapping of the categories in this process. Furthermore, when a loose vocabulary such as the Google RDFa vocabulary is used, their platform deals with the issue of heterogeneous information (e.g., currencies, rating scales, etc.).

Highlights of the paper are the usage of data sets that are considerably larger than those previously reported on in the existing body of literature. Additionally, Vandic and Frasincar evaluate the proposed product identification method and prove its applicability due to the high precision and recall values. Also, for category mapping, two related approaches are outperformed and earlier results from related work are confirmed. Finally, Vandic and Frasincar have made an implementation available online.

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