Expert Systems with Applications Article Published on a General Framework for Time-Aware Decision Support Systems

This month, ECBI members dr. Viorel Milea, dr. Flavius Frasincar, and prof. dr. Uzay Kaymak have published a paper on a general framework for time-aware decision support systems in the journal Expert Systems with Applications. The article apears in volume 40, issue 2 (pages 399-407) of the ISI 1st quartile journal.

In their article, Milea, Frasincar, and Kaymak present a general framework for time-aware decision support systems. The framework uses the state-of-the-art tOWL language for the representation of temporal knowledge and enables temporal reasoning over the information that is represented in a knowledge base. Their approach uses state-of-the-art Semantic Web technology for handling temporal data. Through such an approach, the designer of a system can focus on the application intelligence rather than enforcing/checking data related restrictions manually. Also, there is an increased support for reuse of temporal reasoning tools across applications. The authors illustrate the applicability of our framework by building a market recommendations aggregation system. This system automatically collects market recommendations from online sources and, based on the past performance of the analysts that issued a recommendation, generates an aggregated recommendation in the form of a buy, hold, or sell advice. The flexibility of our proposed system is illustrated by implementing multiple methods for the aggregation of market recommendations.

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