Decision Support Systems Paper Accepted on Stochastic Ordinal Regression for Multiple Criteria Sorting Problems

In collaboration with dr. Miłosz Kadziński from the Poznań University of Technology, ECBI member dr. Tommi Tervonen published an article on stochastic ordinal regression for multiple criteria sorting problems in the P-ranked Decision Support Systems journal.

DSSIn their article, Kadziński and Tervonen present a new approach for multiple criteria sorting problems, which considers sorting procedures applying general additive value functions compatible with the given assignment examples. For the decision alternatives, four types of results are provided: (1) necessary and possible assignments from Robust Ordinal Regression (ROR), (2) class acceptability indices from a suitably adapted Stochastic Multicriteria Acceptability Analysis (SMAA) model, (3) necessary and possible assignment-based preference relations, and (4) assignment-based pair-wise outranking indices. It is shown how the results provided by ROR and SMAA complement each other and how they can be combined under a unified decision aiding framework. The application of the approach is demonstrated by classifying 27 countries in 4 democracy regimes.

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