Behavioural Ethics Events

Wed. 15 Mar. 2017 Research Seminar
The market as mise-en-scène
Paul Teule (University of Amsterdam)
Thu. 10 Sep. 2015 Research Seminar
Using Fiction in Management and Organization Studies: Lessons From 'The Wire'
Robin Holt (University of Liverpool)
Wed. 2 Sep. 2015 Research Seminar
The business case and small firms’ social responsibility
Rajat Panwar (University of British Columbia)
Tue. 9 Jun. 2015 Research Seminar
Modelling Intelligent Energy Systems
Peter Palensky (Delft University of Technology)
Thu. 8 Jan. 2015 Research Seminar
Perspective Taking and Mind Reading Accuracy
Eyal Tal (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
Fri. 19 Dec. 2014 Inaugural Address
Understanding Immoral Conduct in Business Settings: A Behavioural Ethics Approach
Marius van Dijke (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Fri. 19 Dec. 2014 Conference
The Psychology of Immoral Behaviour
David De Cremer (University of Cambridge)
Tim Wildschut (University of Southampton)
Jennifer Jordan (IMD Business School)
Laetitia Mulder (University of Groningen)
Constantine Sedikides (University of Southampton)
Thu. 20 Mar. 2014 Research Seminar
Configuration Model of Organisational Culture and Creation of a Theoretically Founded Typology
Gerhard Fink (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration)