Executive programme “The Brain in the Boardroom”

<link people ale-smidts _blank>Professor Ale Smidts is one of 18 prominent academics and expert practitioners who share their knowledge in the Dutch-language executive programme “The Brain in the Boardroom,” which is organized twice every year.

“The Brain in the Boardroom” provides insight into the influence of the brain and unconscious processes on our behaviour. While we might think that we base our thinking and actions in the boardroom upon reason and conscious strategic choices, scientific research increasingly demonstrates that unconscious motives drive our decisions.  

A select group of no more than 15 participants can join the programme, which is led by Professor Frans van der Meché. Prof. Van de Meché used to head the neurology department of Erasmus MC and is now the medical centre’s Chief Financial Officer.

During the programme, Prof. Smidts will share his knowledge of the neurological processes underlying decision-making.

The programme is created for curious directors, supervisors, senior managers and other people of influence who want to gain insight into how unconscious motives shape the thinking and actions of themselves and the people around them.