SmartPort@Erasmus is a knowledge center connecting students, academics and practitioners from the private and public sector. Presenting itself as a recognizable point of entry for its stakeholders, SmartPort@Erasmus fosters the creation, dissemination, and application of port related knowledge.

The center aims to develop new ways of cooperation, and combine high academic quality with practical relevance, to deliver research, education and project research. So-called ‘port professors’ are active in various disciplines at Erasmus schools, and they join forces to address the challenges that sea ports face. They also reflect on current developments from an independent standpoint.

The center aims to achieve its objectives in collaboration with its partners:

  1. SmartPort, the collaborative arrangement between the Port of Rotterdam Authority, industry representation Deltalinqs, The Rotterdam Municipality (Gemeente Rotterdam), Erasmus University Rotterdam and Delft University of Technology. 
  2. Metropolis and Mainport, the center of excellence within the collaboration arrangement between the universities of Leiden, Delft, and Rotterdam (Erasmus). 

The center distinguishes itself from its partners by specifically fostering collaboration among the schools within the university, and to represent Erasmus University in the wider collaborative arrangements.