SmartPort Community meeting lunch meeting May 23rd 12.00-13.30 T03-42

Dear Colleagues,

During  this lunch meeting the below following two winners of the first Smartport poster session of March 6th will present their research. This first poster session brought together 40 young scholars presenting their port-related research.

Patrick Witte (Utrecht University): 'Coping with Corridors: The case of Corridor 24'.

'When discussing the topic of transport corridors, usually three major responses come to the front. First, what is a corridor? Second, why do they need coping with? And last, why is Corridor 24 of special interest? In this presentation, the answers to these questions will be at the main stage. There will be a specific emphasis on the importance of sector-transcendent analysis in dealing with present-day corridor development issues in European transport policy and practice.'

Joep Schenk (Erasmus University Rotterdam): 'Trails of transfer. Networking Rotterdam business and the Ruhrs iron and coal industry, 1870-1940'.

Between 1870 and 1940 the Dutch city of Rotterdam developed into the leading port of Europe. At the same time, the German Ruhr evolved into the largest industrialized zone of the continent. Until now these developments have been studied mostly in isolation of each other, as part of their respective national economic histories. However this perspective disregards the cross-border economic interdependencies in the coal and steel sector that developed between these regions. The transnational movements on the Ruhr-Rotterdam axis were not limited to important goods as iron ore and coal; also services, information and capital were transferred. However, until now we do not know how these linkages were exactly organized, and why economic actors could sustain these linkages for the entire 1870-1940 period. It is my goal to analyze the economic organization of transfer on the Rotterdam-Ruhr axis.

Location: T03-42

Time: 12.00-13.30


Hope to see you there.

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Rob Zuidwijk/Bart Kuipers