Successful visit of SISI delegation

On June 4 and 5, the research community of Erasmus SmartPort  Rotterdam welcomed a delegation of the Shanghai International Shipping Institute (SISI). SISI is an initiative launched by the Shanghai Maritime University (SMU). On the first day of their visit a seminar was held. At the start of the seminar, the SISI delegation was welcomed by Mr. Ton van der Pijl, director president’s office of the Erasmus University. After the welcome address Mr. Mare Straetmans, representative of the Rotterdam Port Authority, opened the seminar.


Foto: Paul Kampman

During the seminar two research topics were discussed. The topics were defined during an earlier visit of representatives of SmartPort Rotterdam to SISI in Shanghai in November 2011. The first topic was on the development of a set of valuation indicators and indexes to measure global port performances towards different stages of port development.  A presentation on this topic was held by a mrs. Zhao Nan (Lecturer of Shanghai Maritime University). The presentation was followed by a discussion between professor Zhen Hong, professor Zhang Jieshu, the port professors from the Erasmus University and other members of the SmartPort research community. 

The second topic was on how to measure the harmonious development of ports in its surroundings. This topic was introduced by professor Harry Geerlings, followed by presentations of two port professors, <link people rommert-dekker _blank>Rommert Dekker and <link people rene-de-koster _blank>René de Koster, and <link people rob-zuidwijk _blank>Rob Zuidwijk, academic director of SmartPort. The seminar was concluded by with a discussion on further cooperation. Both SISI and SmartPort Rotterdam have the intention to strengthen future cooperation by exchange of staff for research and teaching activities.

At the end of the first day there was a joint informal diner. During the diner professor Leonard Blussé, professor (emeritus) of Leiden University held a presentation on the historical of development Yangtze River Delta and Rhine River Delta. During the second day the delegation visited the Delta Terminal of ECT. The visit of SISI delegation finished their visit to Rotterdam with a view on Maasvlakte 2 in the exhibition centre Futureland.