Smart Port Community Lunch, Tuesday November 27th at 12:00 in T03-42 and Public Defence Amir Gharehgozli


Tuesday, 27 November 2012, will be a very special day in the young history of Smart Port.
First, at 12:00 o’clock (in room T03-42), Roy van den Berg, of the Port of Rotterdam, will give a Smart Port lunch lecture on business models in hinterland container transport.
Within the container supply chain different companies are active: shipping lines, terminal operating companies, transport operators, forwarders, shippers and port authorities. They all have a role and want to grow their business. Roy focuses in his research (up till now) on port authorities, terminal operators and shipping lines and how they are active or could change their business model in order to attract customers with regard to intermodal transport. He will share his first results and the progress of the different lines of his research. I think a very interesting topic and an excellent example of a researcher who is able to combine insights from within the port of Rotterdam business community with academia.
Second, at 13:30 hrs in the Senaatszaal, Amir Gharehgozli will defend his dissertation called ‘Developing new Methods for Efficient Container Stacking Operations’.
In his dissertation, Amir proposes, develops and tests optimization methods to support the decisions of container terminal operators in the stacking area. An important topic of his research is related to the reshuffling of containers: one of the daily operations at a container terminal which is time consuming and increases a ship’s berthing time. Amir attended a large number of the Smart Port community lunches and will continue his career as a post-doc linked to professor Rene De Koster at Erasmus Smart Port Rotterdam.
Click <link fileadmin centre_content smart_port amir_gharehgozli_thesis_nov._2012.pdf>here for the thesis and <link fileadmin centre_content smart_port propositions-12-10-08.pdf>here for the propositions.