EXTRA Smart Port Community Lunch Meeting, Wednesday 15 May at 12.00 hours in T14-10


At May 15th, 12:00 in Room T14-10 (Board Room), Dr. Bradley Hull of The Boler School of Business at John Carroll University in Cleveland will present a lecture on The Chicago-East Coast Corridor: changing intermodal patterns in the US.
Dr. Hull supervised two students of EUR, performing their master thesis project on the development of a direct container service from Rotterdam to the Great Lakes region in the US (Sjoerd Haazen & Henri Verboon).
Next to the presentation Dr. Hull will present on The Chicago-East Coast Corridor, he published some very interesting articles, like on “supply driven supply chains” for the International Journal of Logistics Management.  Most of the supply chain literature is focused on customer driven supply chains. His paper though is on supply chains for which the supply source, not the customer, dictates the routing decisions.  Since this type of chain would not experience the bullwhip effect since it has such a different structure. Also he wrote on elasticity in supply chains, also related to the bullwhip effect.
This is a great chance to expand your horizon to the US. ‘The best is yet to come’ is the motto, with respect to trends like reshoring, shale gas, US-EU trade developments, etc. In addition it is a great chance to meet Dr. Hull!



You can consult the thesis written by the two students supervised by Dr. Hull:

  • For the thesis of Sjoerd Hazen press <link fileadmin centre_content smart_port thesis_sjoerd_haazen_349884_final.pdf _blank>here.
  • For the thesis of Henri Verboon press <link fileadmin centre_content smart_port scriptie_henri_verboon__312808__pdf.pdf _blank>here.