Smart Port Community Lunch Meeting, Tuesday 16 April at 12.00 hours in T03-42


Title: LDE theme “Metropolis & Mainport"
Speaker: Rob Zuidwijk
Time: 12.00-13.30
Location T03-42 


LDE stands for the strategic alliance between the three universities in Leiden, Delft, and Rotterdam (Erasmus). It is envisaged that this alliance will enhance the competitive position of the universities and the alliance aims to exploit the potential synergies and complementarities between the universities. Four centers and four themes have been initiated to make this more concrete. The formal kick-off of the themes and centers was on April 8, 2013. The speaker is trail blazer of the theme “Metropolis & Mainport”. The theme plan of approach has been reviewed by the LDE steering committee and revisions are currently being made. The presentation will elaborate how individual researchers can contribute!
The theme obviously is a domain rather than a research field, and the problems faced by  relevant stakeholders, such as the port authority, local government, and companies are in need of research and education that cannot be provided by any of the three universities on its own. Metropolises and mainports (both sea and airports) are facing grand challenges of which some have also been articulated by the European Commission and the so-called  “Topgebieden” in the Netherlands.
The presentation will elaborate on the current development of about six spearheads that aim to develop, disseminate, and apply knowledge to address these challenges, where the relationship between metropolises and mainports plays a role. Next to funded research (national, European, and global) the spearheads will aim for educational initiatives in particular at the MSc and PhD level.  Some theme spearheads show relationships with the LDE center of Sustainability and the LDE theme of Safety and Security.
Initiated in November 2012, the theme is still in its infancy, although it may benefit from Erasmus Smart Port as well. The presentation aims to address the question how Erasmus Smart Port and this LDE theme can benefit from each other. Therefore the presentation is aimed at active discussion on how the theme can be developed further and it also serves as an invitation to join the theme community.